• Motor Trike Announces GL-1800 Razor Trike

    Motor Trike, Inc. announces the release of an all-new trike to add to their continually expanding line of Independent Rear Suspension conversions. The “Razor”, as named by Motor Trike, was designed to fit the Honda Goldwing GL1800.

    “The Razor touts a compelling new body design that makes you rethink GL 1800 trikes. The Razor is offered as an alternative style for our GL 1800 conversion line, giving customers another option to our best-selling Adventure conversion”

    Motor Trike took great care to stylistically match this new conversion to the Honda motorcycle itself. The all-new custom body design is aggressive, edgy and captures the stronger body lines the 2012 Goldwing, but also modernizes the 2010 and down Goldwing motorcycle; they are always the perfect match. The new-styling of the trike isn’t the only thing that stands out; the Razor also boasts a redesigned drive shaft assembly, vivid new taillights, and the largest trunk/storage capacity of any OEM or trike conversion in the industry - 9.2 cubic feet/260 Liters. The redesigned, larger capacity trunk sits on Motor Trike’s outstanding Independent Rear Suspension that is simply unparalleled when ridden side by side with any other trike on the market.

    The Company is currently taking orders for the Razor at a price of $8,395.00 per kit and setting delivery dates for August 2013. The new trike will be on display at Wing Ding (July 3-6).

    Headquartered in Troup, TX, Motor Trike, Inc. is one of the nation's leading trike conversion manufacturers.


    Razor Webpage

    • Fits all GL1800 year models, 2001-2010 and 2012 & up
    • IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) with over 4 inches of Suspension Travel
    • On-Board Air Compressor w/fingertip controls, LED digital voltmeter readout and pressure gauge (allows for on-the-fly suspesion controls)
    • Chrome Steel Wheels
    • Disc Brake System
    • 9.2 cubic feet/260 Liter trunk has 12 volt power source (charge phone or computer in a weather protected environment)
    • Trunk door designed with hidden external hinges that do not occupy interior space (eliminates helmet scratches and luggage tangling with trunk hinge hardware)
    • Trunk comes with light mounted on door to shine onto cargo, rather than being buried beneath it
    • Warranty: 3 Year/60,000 Mile

    • Aluminum alloy wheels offered in five different style, optional matching front wheels
    • Patented "step and walk on" running boards (Coming Soon), optional fog lights
    • Chrome or black bumper
    • Light Bar (Coming Soon)
    • 4 ˝ degree rake
    • Parking brake kit
    • Echo exhaust
    • Trunk carpets and embroidered trunk mats
    • Embroidered fender bras, with stitching to match bike color
    • Trailer hitch
    • Trailer hitch wiring harness
    • Chrome side cover upgrade
    • Custom paint

    Razor trike shown above with optional 17" chrome 6 spoke rear wheels & tires, Performance Machine front wheel, dual disc parking brake, and trailer hitch, and custom two-tone paint job

    Razor trike shown here with optional 17" Chrome Boulevard rear wheels & tires, Performance Machine front wheel, chrome side cover upgrade and dual disc mechanical parking brake.

    Motor Trike
    Troup, Tx
    (800) 90-TRIKE
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    1. dano309's Avatar
      dano309 -
      is the running boards & bumper available now.....looking to trike my 2014 goldwing in a few weeks....
    1. wingfan's Avatar
      wingfan -
      My local dealer ordered my kit yesterday. I'm ready.
    1. wingfan's Avatar
      wingfan -
      My kit came in yesterday....damaged in shipping. Dealer notified MT to get another. Hopefully MT will be quick as I am eager to get started riding it. Motor Trike, if you are watching this post, please rush me a "good" kit ASAP. And maybe 100 lashes to the FEDEX people who damaged the kit in shipping. My wife really wanted me to have this for my 60th birthday on the 31st of May. But not as much as I did.
    1. HDDrifter's Avatar
      HDDrifter -
      Got the Motor Trike install on my 2006 Gold-wing with running boards. Have several fish eyes in the paint and Motor Trike won't respond to emails. Having the running boards are hot to the feet otherwise bike rides like a dream. Just so sad they won't respond on the paint job.
    1. wingfan's Avatar
      wingfan -
      My sympathies. I tried email first, no response. Then I called and called and called. Each time, the guy I needed to talk to was somewhere, busy, and would call me back. Must have called a dozen times and only got one call back, finally. Which basically resulted in my vibration was a bike issue not a trike kit issue. And the side panels won't snap in properly because they rub on the front fender. I love the looks of the trike. But there customer relations sucks big time. My kit came in damaged during shipping.

      Dealer said MT told him a new kit would be started immediately and I should have it in two weeks. After that time, no kit. Called and lady said they just got the kit back and they had to evaluate and do a claim. I asked if they had started to build my new kit and was told they had to evaluate the damaged kit first and that the dealer must have "mis-understood". Somebody lied to me but each says it was the other. Now I have a trike with a vibration issue that wasn't there before the trike kit. Dealer says motor may have to be pulled to correct problem. Not happy with Motor trike or dealer. The story is even worse but you get the idea...
    1. Winglover's Avatar
      Winglover -
      Can you send me a picture of the kit that would fit a 2006 GL1800?
    1. jcsanders's Avatar
      jcsanders -
      I recently got a Razor on my GL1800 and the trunk lid doesn't match up with the body on the left side. Have been told that it's a factory mold problem. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
    1. DrDave's Avatar
      DrDave -
      I recently got a Razor on my GL1800 and the trunk lid doesn't match up with the body on the left side. Have been told that it's a factory mold problem. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
      Have the same issue bought mine already Triked with razor kit last year have had this same issue plus lost my brakes.
    1. Burnerboy's Avatar
      Burnerboy -
      This is why I went Roadsmith trike!