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Thread: Shimmy and Shake

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwtrike1 View Post
    I have one of the first motortrike conversions, a 1995. All has been great up until last year when I went to a different front tire. I installed the tire at my brother's house in Pennsylvania, and when I headed home, I noticed that the bike (around 60+ mph) would shimmy from side to side. The faster I would go, the more noticable it woulde be. When I got home in Ohio, (300 miles) I checked the front tire and found it to be a bias tire, instead of a radial like the backs are. This year, I readjusted all of my air pressures, tires and shocks, and while puting more air in the rear shocks seemed to help some, it didn't eliminate the problem totally. I went on a group ride yesterday and although I didn't feel the shimmying, a fellow behind me asked why my trike shakes from side to side.
    Has anyone else had a similar problem. After spending $185 on a tire, I hate to have to change it out again. I've checked the framework for breaks, and all appeared to be ok.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

    Your prob sounds a lot like mine. I have also developed a side to side wiggle. It started last summer. I also replaced all 3 tires, michelin radials on the rear and a bridgestone bt-45 bias on the front and the wiggle went away for the most part and this summer it has started again. I also have repacked and torqued the steering head bearings, changed the fork oil, rebalanced the tires, replaced the 2 front hiems on the ladder bars. I always run 22psi in the rear tires. on a recent ride with my buddy he told me he could see the wiggle and the only thing he saw was the sidewalls flexing so i increased the pressure to 32 psi and it has helped the shake a great deal, dont think it fixed it just kinda hid it for a time, but it rides like a wagon with that much air. Sorry this post got so long but if you ever find a fix please let me know and i will do the same, been chasing my tail on this for a while.

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    I had the rear wheel bearings and seals replaced. Then
    I had the steering head tightened last fall at a local dealership. I didn't get a chance to get above 60 to see if that solved the problem, although it wasn't noticeable at 60. That was the last time I rode it. Two weeks ago, I called MT to get a new set of rear shocks (which were replaced 4 years ago) and they don't sell them anymore. He suggested calling Progressive, which I did, and he won't sell me a set. Is there a replacement shock, (doesn't have to be air) that I can use that will be comparable to the Progressive?
    Also, Now that it is getting warmer I'll crawl under it again and just replace the hiem bolts. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

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