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    California driving is like every other state, except, their traffic jams are doing 65 mph .... no where else in the world do they have that many 60-70 car crashes.

    Don't hate me ... just stating the truth and you know it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzHe View Post
    California driving is like every other state, except, their traffic jams are doing 65 mph .... no where else in the world do they have that many 60-70 car crashes.

    Don't hate me ... just stating the truth and you know it.
    All too true. That's why when I go down to San Diego to see my daughter, I go east all the way to Victorville, hit the I-15, and go down through Riverside, and San Berdoo.
    An hour and a half longer, but you miss 90% of LA.
    On four or three, it's me.:wave4:

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    Couldn't see any indicators as to where this actually took place. But in any event...

    This from the California Motorcyclist Safety Program:

    Lane Splitting General Guidelines:

    Lane splitting in a safe and prudent manner is not illegal in the state of California.The term lane splitting, sometimes known as lane sharing, filtering or white-lining, refersto the process of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of stopped or slower moving traffic ormoving between lanes to the front of traffic stopped at a traffic light.Motorcyclists who are competent enough riders to lane split, should follow these generalguidelines if choosing to lane split:

    1) Travel at a speed that is no more than 10 MPH faster than other traffic dangerincreases at higher speed differentials.- A speed differential of 10 miles per hour or less allows an alert, competent rider enough time toidentify and react to most dangerous situations that can occur.- The greater the speed differential, the less time a rider has to identify and react to a hazard.

    2) It is not advisable to lane split when traffic flow is at 30 mph or faster --- dangerincreases as overall speed increases.- At just 20 mph, in the 1 or 2 seconds it takes a rider to identify a hazard, that rider will travelapproximately 30 to 60 feet before even starting to take evasive action. Actual reaction (brakingor swerving) will take additional time and distance.- Braking and stopping distance varies greatly based on a multitude of factors(rider, machine andenvironment).- As speed increases, crash severity increases.

    3) Typically, it is safer to split between the #1 and #2 lanes than between other lanes.- Other road users are more accustomed to motorcycles splitting between the #1 and #2(furthestleft) lanes.

    The guidelines are there for a reason... to help avoid such incidents. The consequences for failing to comply with guidelines that are there for their safety and the safety of others can be deadly. After all, they are just good common sense.

    It is fairly evident from the video that both riders were violating the guidelines and would be subject to the discretion of law enforcement. Citations certainly may have been handed out had they been there at the time.

    The rider with the camera may not have known the other rider and only happened to be on the same particular section of road at the time and was just following along. I have done that here in Michigan (staggered style of course) when coming upon another rider. Kind of as a presence & visibility enhancement for each rider. A small group is easier to notice than single individuals... kind of a safety in numbers sort of thing.

    I'd almost bet the guy with the camera re-evaluated his riding and slowed down for the rest of his ride for that day. Or at least for a while anyway.

    I dunno, even in my youth I don't think I would have been that reckless. Too fast, wet pavement in heavy traffic where there is minimal room for error. Me? a chicken sh!t? Maybe, but I'd be an uninjured, happy to ride the next day again chicken sh!t. Best to learn from the mistakes of others, it's a lot less painful or expensive that way.

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