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Thread: tiltster susp and trikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogcowboy View Post
    Did that but saw nothing related to Jay Leno. But what I did see didn't impress me much. Thought maybe what Bazooka referred to might be more impressive but can't find it.
    Jay Leno tested the ''TILTING'' motor works trike made in Washington State...
    Not the ''TILTSTER'' from Texas..... The name is kinda confusing....
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    I sorta figured it was a mistake but then that's why I asked for a link since all I could find was Tilting Motor Works in Jay Leno's Garage and nothing there about the Tiltster. I saw the difference. I wasn't confused. I just wanted the link as described.
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    We visited Mystery two years ago. At that time the tiltster was on hold for revision do to problems. Don't know present status but it looked good

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