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    Default Help Us Find Mangled Posts

    Hello All,

    A recent database error caused some posts to become mangled and display a string of bb code, like the post pictured below. We are finding and repairing them as quickly as possible, but we would ask for your help. If you run across a post that looks like the one below, please report it to us so we can get it fixed.

    To report a mangled post, click on the black triangle icon with the exclamation mark inside it located at the bottom of the post. A screen will pop up with a comment box where you should type 'mangled post' then hit the Send Report button. This will send a copy of the post link to the Admin Forum where admin staff can see and repair the posts.

    Thanks for your help on this.


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    I've seen a few ,,, but thought it was my mac and safari ... LOL ... I'll find them again and let ya know
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    I want to take a moment to thank those of you who are reporting posts!

    I would ask though, that if you report one post in a thread, there is no need to report any further posts in that same thread...when a post is reported, we are going through the entire thread where that post resides to make certain the entire thread is corrected.

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