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Thread: It is 2017 and where should Al go this year?

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    Default It is 2017 and where should Al go this year?

    We are trying to put together Al's 2017 travel schedule and we need ideas of what events you want to see him at. Give us all your ideas and we may just send him on a wild epic road trip for 2017!
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    Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville AR? According to the BBB website, they estimate the attendance for the 2016 rally was about 400,000. I've been told that being an official BBB vendor can be expensive, but there are a lot of other venues in the area - Bike shops, (Pig Trail HD had a big vendor village) campgrounds, the Saturday car and vintage bike show at the Avest Park and even in larger parking lots along popular routes.

    I've taken the trip to Fayetteville to attend all 17 years of the rally. Of course I only live 50 miles away...
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