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Thread: Long trips...

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    I try to plan for 400 miles a day. Never seems to work out that way ... seems some days are 500 miles and some are 300 miles ... so on average, 400 miles seems right to me. Lots of stops along the way. (More and more they are rest room stops ... old age ain't for sissy's) I also plan a meal break somewhere in the middle. getting off the ride seems to keep me ALERT ... and that is the name of the game.
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    Back in the day ( early to mid 80's) I took a trip to Phoenix from The Motor city. Left home at 9:20 am and headed out on a cool day on a Saturday morning. Pulled in to Phoenix early Monday noonish and it was 80 degrees, Just a bit over 2080 miles. Now days even in my Chevy truck I can't do that and I won't. It take us most of the time 4 days to get from here to Minnesota to see the kids. I can do it in 3 but you never see anything but highway. So the most we do any more is around 450 tops in one day. Life to short to be in a hurry all the time.

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    Best I did on my maiden voyage was 454 miles in one day. Total for trip was 2067. Finished in 5 days. Left on a Wednesday morning, arrived home in East China Mi. On Sunday afternoon.

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    I like traveling long distances and I do them all the same, more or less. We travel 100 miles take a break, have a snack, water, get some gas and take a potty stop. Another 100 miles stop lunch, water, gas, potty stop then back in the saddle. Another 100 miles another stop bake a break, snack, water and potty stop. Then the last 100 miles and we stop for the day of course get gas, eat and and all that other stuff.

    So we do around 400 miles every day, rain or shine. If we are riding in the mountains it is a lot more work to do the 400 miles because the speed isn't nearly as high.

    I, as much as possible, stay off the super slab. I came back from Run For The Wall a few years ago, on 2 wheels. We left Ohio and came to Cedar City, (home), and didn't travel on one foot of interstate. It was a good ride.

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    We left New Smyrna Beach Florida on Monday around 8:30, stopped 3 times for fuel, one for potty, lunch and Savannah HD (they are in a new building) and got home around 4:30.. 550 miles. I was tired but could have rode further if needed. AS some have said, we usually make our first day the longest and sightsee after that. Of course, sometimes it takes two hard days riding to get where you want to be going.

    Your Mileage may vary

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    Thumbs up i dont know about trikes yet

    on my pacific coast i ran from seattle to greensboro Nc in 5 days. not sure what my daily milage was though.
    returning I took 8 so i could hang out around mt rushmore for three das. then rode over the pass in heavy snow.
    ran missoula mt to seattle in a day.
    it was a fun ride. best thing was. total round trip camping and riding was just over 1200 bucks. for everything.
    older n slower now though.

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    By myself, I'll be "on the road" for 8-12 hours and of that, actually rolling 7.5 - 11 of them.

    Mary and I together, mostly we're "on the road" for 8 hours and rolling for about 6 of them. This is what we do the majority of time. We may cover 200 miles or 500 miles, just depends on the road.

    But we do have longer days here and there. Lots of days where we're rolling for 8-9 hours (mostly interstate days, where we're just chewing up the miles to get somewhere), and a few where it's been 11+ hours.

    We were just talking the other day about this, we've had Many interstate days where we did 600-700 miles and were pretty fresh still at the end of the day.

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    We typically average 470-600 miles a When I "retire".. Who knows?

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    Like others said, alot has to do with weather. We go to Gatlinburg every year and on the way up from central Fl we do about 450 miles on the back roads stop in Athens, Ga and have a easy 2nd day. On the return trip it's all interstate back home 1 day 650 miles.

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