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    Default Re: BMW K1200LT wit Hannigan Gas Mileage

    I have an '02 Hannigan conversion, done in 2010, by NECE in Windsor, CO. I, too, used to get 40-45 mpg as a two-wheeler, and now typically get 29 - 30 overall. Can't beat all the creature comforts of an LT. I just got back from a 4 day, 1600 mile camping trip, pulling a HF cargo trailer, riding solo. My average was just over 30 mpg for the entire trip. Went from sea level to over 5200' elevation, ran great, pulled hard, and made it home safe and happy! <img src="images/smilies/allgood.gif" border="0" alt="" title="AllGood" class="inlineimg" />

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    Default Re: BMW K1200LT wit Hannigan Gas Mileage

    It makes a difference what year the donor K1200LT is as far as gearing, mileage, tuning, HP-TQ-RPM relationship, and so on.<br />
    The 1999-2001 HMS trike uses a 3.08 gear ratio and the 2002 &amp; Up uses a 2.73 ratio.<br />
    BMW also improved the tuning and other powertrain &quot;tweaks&quot; in the 2005 model year &amp; Up.<br />
    Plus as stated previously the trike's performance is a slave to the bike powertrain's operational condition. Adding the trike will materialize and magnify any sub-par conditions and the limits that already exist whether from the factory or that have deteriorated or manifested since manufacture.<br />
    Combine that with elevation, grade, speed, throttling, driving habits, and other such variables inherently subjective and widely diverse for each and every owner/operator and there is no such thing as a &quot;Normal&quot; when it comes to mpg. Average Yes-Normal NO.<br />
    <br />
    On the head-shake issue mentioned, there IS a problem with your unit. The K1200LT with HMS Steer-Lite installed Will NOT head-shake (if all is right and correct). Get your trike/bike checked out by a qualified HMS trained Tech ASAP.

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    I had a lower rear end, 373 ratio, installed during the conversion on K1200LT. RPMs are higher which gives better torque in 5th gear at 70 to 80 mph. But, killed my gas mileage. So, there is a trade off here. Either run in 4th gear at low speeds for better gas mileage or give up the better gas mileage for the higher power curve. high rpms = higher power curve!

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