• Toyota Confirms i-Road Electric Trike Production

    With trikes steadily gaining in popularity in the world market, its not surprising to hear rumors of yet another company exploring the possibility of entering the trike business, but when auto industry giant Toyota confirmed production of a two passenger, tilting trike, well that's newsworthy.

    Toyota's new entry, the i-Road is an electric powered vehicle that will be produced at least initially for the Japanese market as a commuter vehicle aimed at expansion of Japan's Ha:mo car sharing service, which has been operating in Japan since October 2012. Toyota envisions the Ha:mo project as a prototype for a future urban transportation system that seamlessly integrates personal vehicles and public transit.

    Weighing in at just 661 pounds, the i-Road uses a computer controlled “Active Lean” suspension system to lean into corners, similar to the now defunct Carver One which was designed and manufactured in the Netherlands in 2007 and 2008. Toyota's system features a lean actuator motor and gearing mounted above the front suspension member, linked via a yoke to the right and left front wheels.
    An ECU calculates the required lean based on steering angle, gyro-sensor and vehicle speed information and the system automatically moves the wheels up and down in opposite directions, applying lean angle to counteract the centrifugal force of cornering. Top speed will be around 30 MPH with a range of approximately 31
    miles on a single charge so this is definitely a short rage commuter vehicle, not a touring machine.

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    1. pcombe's Avatar
      pcombe -
      Im afraid i just cant picture muself going there!
    1. cscsonny's Avatar
      cscsonny -
      I think I read that it's a "close to home"vehicle that would require re-charging after 2 hours of operating.
    1. HogAir's Avatar
      HogAir -
      Think... TOI Drill Team!
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
    1. SMSgt's Avatar
      SMSgt -
      Looks like it comes with an optional pillow to go over the seat pan.
    1. slick rick's Avatar
      slick rick -
      ,,,I'd get stuck in it ,,,
    1. Tin Man 2's Avatar
      Tin Man 2 -
      Starting to look like the future has arrived.
    1. Bikerbozo's Avatar
      Bikerbozo -
      31 miles? Is that how long it takes for the Hamster to die of exhaustion? And where does that 2nd passenger sit? No good pic of the inside. Also, don't forget those trike helmet laws in a lot of states. Other than all that, it is an amusing looking vehicle.
    1. Illini_Triker's Avatar
      Illini_Triker -
      The way that thing leaned looked like it was going to fall over Think I will stay with my Glide