• Hannigan's New “180” Front End for Honda GL1800 Trikes

    Once again Hannigan Motorsports sets the new standard for the trike industry with the Hannigan 180 Front End for all Honda Gold Wing trikes and sidecars 2001 to current and all BMW K1600GTL/GT trikes and sidecars 2012 to current. The new Hannigan 180 Front End gives your trike the handling, traction and tire life you've been waiting for.

    Until now, the limiting factor for handling on a premium trike has been the front tire. When ridden hard in a curve the stock front tire will start to slip, skip, and chatter. The 180 wide tire included in the front end package stays planted in the curves, providing greater stability and performance. This translates into a greater safety margin for all riders. Even those who do not normally push their trikes to the limits of traction will find that the 180 Front End improves their ability to change direction more quickly and brake harder in emergency situations. It also increases your level of confidence in low traction weather conditions. Ride quality is significantly improved with the 180 Front End and grooved pavement or grated steel bridges no longer cause your three wheel motorcycle to hunt and weave. With regard to tire life, Michelin claims 25,000 miles of longevity for their new 180 Commander tire on the rear of a two wheel Gold Wing.

    Now you can utilize this new wide double compound, deep tread tire on the front of your trike or sidecar rig. The 180mm tire is 2” wider than the standard OEM width tire. The 180 kit comes with a proprietary extra wide chrome or polished aluminum front wheel matched to the tire, so it looks as good as it performs. The wide wheel and tire necessitate the use of longer Spiegler custom fabricated hard brake lines, also included. You have made the rear end of your motorcycle wider with the installation of a trike kit. The Hannigan 180 front end restores a sense of proportion and gives you bragging rights where motorcyclists gather.

    Also included is an extra wide and long replacement fender made of hand laid laminated fiberglass and color matched to your motorcycle. It provides enhanced protection for the paint on your rear fenders without the need for a fender extender. On the Honda Gold Wing the kit includes proprietary extra wide upper and lower fork yokes machined out of 1661 billet. The BMW K1600GTL/GT utilizes a wide modified Hossack. In each case this Steer Lite feature with an additional 5 ผ degrees of rake angle reduces steering effort by 60% compared to a stock front end.

    Jim “Wheels” Leatherman had the 180 Front End installed on his new Hannigan Gold Wing trike and sent this report:
    “The new Hannigan 180 Front End with the 5 ผ rake and fork brace has made a significant improvement to my trike riding experience. In just a few short miles, I have noticed that the trike is much more responsive and holds its lines much better as compared to the standard Gold Wing front end. It's very smooth, and the wider tire patch grips/holds the road surface well in wet conditions. The molded, custom made fiberglass two piece fender added great detail and functionality to the trike while helping to keep road debris from being thrown back onto the trike. I am extremely pleased with adding this new feature to my Hannigan Trike.”

    The 180 Front End package may be installed on any Gold Wing 1800 or BMW K1600GTL/GT trike or sidecar, regardless of brand. The addition of the Hannigan 180 kit to a non-Hannigan trike will not make it ride as well as a Hannigan, but it helps.

    The entire package, including extra wide wheel, upper and lower fork yokes (or wide modified Hossack on the BMW), color matched longer, wider fender, longer brake lines and Michelin Commander tire retails for $2995, heavy fork springs and installation extra.

    Hannigan Motorsports is currently offering a Year End Steer Lite Special, deducting $995 from the price of any 180 Front End kit with the purchase of a Hannigan trike before December 31, 2013. Order your Hannigan trike conversion now and add the complete 180 Front End for only $2000.

    Hannigan Motorsports
    Murray, Kentucky
    (270) 753-4256

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