• Motor Trike Announces New Conversion for the Burgman 650

    Motor Trike, Inc. announces the release of an all-new trike to add to their continually expanding line of conversions. The “Breeze”, as the conversion is called, is designed to fit the 2003 to present Suzuki Burgman 650.

    “The Breeze has been on our project wish list for over 3 years,” says owner Jeff Vey. “You could say it has been floating around the engineering building waiting for its turn to shine. The Breeze has a clean design with a list of standard features that reflect the knowledge and engineering of over 20 years experience in this industry.”

    The Breeze features outboard rear disc brakes and a tuned suspension to give both the driver and passenger a smooth, comfortable ride. The conversion has fenders with a smooth gel coat black finish, which gives the customer the option to paint match or not. The fiberglass accent panels make a seamless transition from bike to trike.

    Motor Trike saw an opportunity to reach a relatively untapped market by using a
    smaller bike than what is currently seen in the trike industry, making the company the first major trike manufacturer to branch into the Scooter market. The automatic transmission and upgraded suspension package makes the Breeze easy to operate and an ideal commuter vehicle. With a starting price of $4,995 it is also a cost effective way for customers get into a trike and have the stability of three wheels. The Breeze maintains all of the stock vehicle systems including ABS and mechanical parking brake.

    Motor Trike is currently taking orders for the Breeze conversion for the Suzuki Burgman 650. Delivery will take place at end of January. The Breeze will be on display March 7 through March 16, 2014 in Daytona, Florida during Bike Week. Customers can also visit their local Motor Trike dealer to arrange a test drive.

    See Motor Trike Breeze Info Here


    • 96 inches Overall Length (without a rake)
    • 50.5 inches Width
    • 72.8 inches Wheelbase
    • 809 Lb Total Weight

    • Live Rear Axle Swing Arm Suspension
    • 14 inch alloy wheels with radial tires
    • Individual disc brakes operate at each wheel
    • Chain drive
    • Powder-Coated Components
    • Upgraded coil springs and bump stop
    • Fiberglass fenders and swing arm cover
    • 3 Year/60,000 Mile Warranty


    • Color Match Paint
    • Chrome Rear Wheel Upgrade

    Motor Trike

    Troup, TX
    (800) 90-TRIKE

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      been there. done that with a different kit.

      If you have a bad back, get the triple tree mod, otherwise, don't even go there.

      This is the best mod you can do to your Suzuki Burgman ...if you do the additional (expensive) triple tree mod you'll have the best, least expensive trike on the road today.
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      is there a kit for the 400 in the works ?
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      Quote Originally Posted by whitefatboy View Post
      is there a kit for the 400 in the works ?
      Nothing for the Burgman 400.
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      Is this a true three wheeler like Yelvington?