• 2014 Indian Trike by Hannigan

    Hannigan's new 2014 Indian Trike has just been released and is currently on display at Daytona Beach Bike Week at Hannigan's display at the Daytona Speedway. The 2014 Hannigan/Indian Trike feature's Hannigan's classic sweeping design with a super smooth and reliable, wide track, fully independent suspension and a large roomy trunk.

    For more information or to get your order in for one of these beautiful trikes, call Hannigan Motorsports at (270)753-4256. Tell them TrikeTalk.com sent you!

    Hannigan Motorsports
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    1. 3rdwheel's Avatar
      3rdwheel -
      Very Nice, classic looking and I love the colors.

      My Hannigan is being made now - I hope it looks just like this when I get it back!
    1. MICK66's Avatar
      MICK66 -
      very nice I would buy one and ride the hell out of it!!!
    1. slick rick's Avatar
      slick rick -
      That makes it hard ,,,my ultimate trike ,,if I were only 7 years younger but life only goes around once .
    1. captdanwh's Avatar
      captdanwh -
      I saw the Indian Trike at Daytona and it sure is a great looking ride. the color is beautiful and the lines of the bike are just as nice, all in all one great looking bike. now the downside is there is still not enough dealers out there to get the trike serviced and to get parts for. i know there are more coming but for now they are way to few and far in between. accessories are also very scarce and because of that all the trikes will look like everybody elses and i do not want my trike to look like all the others, i want it to look like i want it. i think in a few more years it will be a threat to the other two but it is going to take time and at my age and others it is only something to look at.
    1. Pegasus1300's Avatar
      Pegasus1300 -
      The trike part is made by Hannigan and there are many Hannigan dealers out there as far as the trike parts go. As far as the Indian parts go they are made by Polaris and if there isn't an Indian dealer near you any Polaris/Victory dealer should be able to get you what you need. You can make it look anyway you want with different paint and wheels/tires. The ones on it are aftermarket anyway. Looks like there are pipe choices,pegs and mirrors are pretty universal. I haven't seen it from the rear but I think I would have a custom nerf bar built for the rear. So if you really want one there are lots of ways to handle the downsides.