• New Hawg EFX Running Boards for 2014 Harley Trikes

    Hawg EFX Running Boards are now available for the 2014 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Trikes! The running boards are manufactured by Lehman Trikes USA in Spearfish, SD and feature a convenient, integrated parking brake. Hawg EFX are made of a durable composite that fasten securely to the fenders, reducing vibration, and are supported by a steel subframe providing a sturdy and reliable weight-bearing step. The ultimate in weather protection and style, the running boards are manufactured and can be factory color match painted in-house by Lehman Trikes, the original supplier to Harley-Davidson for components, paint, and conversion services for 2009-2010 Harley-Davidson trikes. The 2014 Hawg EFX are competitively priced starting at MSRP $1,170.00 (unpainted) and are available through the factory or select Harley-Davidson and Lehman Trikes dealers. Hawg EFX running boards for 2009-2013 trikes are also available, starting at MSRP $968 (unpainted).

    For more information on Lehman Trikes, visit www.lehmantrikes.com or call 888-3WHEELS to speak to a Product Representative.

    Jaime L. Kreager
    Creative Media & PR Coordinator
    Lehman Trikes USA, Inc.
    125 Industrial Drive
    Spearfish, SD 57783
    Phone: 605-642-2111
    Fax: 605-642-1184
    Email: info@lehmantrikes.com
    Website: www.lehmantrikes.com

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    1. Rod69's Avatar
      Rod69 -
      Looks very nice and functional.
    1. JJTRIKER's Avatar
      JJTRIKER -
      These appear to be the nicest out . MT hasn't figured it out yet thar theres a new product and its not the same trike as before . LOL
    1. elf5051's Avatar
      elf5051 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rod69 View Post
      Looks very nice and functional.
      I had these installed in May on my 2014, they are great! They keep the road grime off my lower legs, gives you a better footing for getting on & off the Trike and I stand on mine to see better when I'm fueling My husband has them on his 2010 and is equally happy with his, he likes the way they flow the front to the back fenders.
    1. HarleyPap57's Avatar
      HarleyPap57 -
      I really like the looks of the EFX Running Boards. Looks like an addition for my wish list for sure. Wonder if I ride to Spearfish if I can get them installed there?
    1. RickDeVon's Avatar
      RickDeVon -
      These are on my must have list for the fall of 15...
    1. FuzzyWuzHe's Avatar
      FuzzyWuzHe -
      Will these fit a factory trike? Or just conversions?

      Update .... went to the web site and yup ... they fit ... added to my wish list.
    1. tfdeputydawg's Avatar
      tfdeputydawg -
      Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzHe View Post
      Will these fit a factory trike? Or just conversions?
      Hawg EFX Running Boards are now available for the 2014 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Trikes!
    1. elf5051's Avatar
      elf5051 -
      I have a pic posted of both mine & my Husbands Trikes
      with the Lehman Running Boards. His is a '10 mine is a '14.
      We both love them!