• World’s Most Powerful Cooling System for Harley-Davidson Engines

    Love Jugs, the World's Most Powerful Cooling System for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines is the result of years of research and development and countless hours of on the road testing towards one simple goal - reduce the operating temperature of all Harley motorcycles so enthusiasts could ride more often, take longer trips and better enjoy their riding experience. Lower operating temperatures mean less stress on the engine and lubricants as well.

    Dave Sandel, founder of Hammerhead Engineering and the inventor of the patented Love Jugs Engine Cooling System experienced what many touring machine riders experience everyday - It gets HOT! The engine heat soars, especially in stop and go traffic, at rallies and most summertime riding. And that stresses out both rider and machine. It's a problem that has been addressed in a variety of ways over the years, such as air vents, heat deflectors, less than adequate air coolers, various oil and water cooling systems that have little effect when they are needed most - at slow speeds - and even the questionable measure of shutting down the rear cylinder to alleviate the extreme heat situation.

    Only Love Jugs has the solution that dramatically reduces the operating temperature of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine. It is simple to install, looks like it came from the factory and it is priced at half of what you would expect to pay. Love Jugs unique patented design is crafted in a classic style that will enhance your stock ride or custom machine. Their durable fan bodies are manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel and polished to a high chrome finish that will never chip, blister or rust Love Jugs withstand the harshest conditions Mother Nature can dish out and utilize 100% water proof fan motors that produce twice the cooling power of the closest competitor.

    Say goodbye to the heat and really enjoy your ride - You will LOVE Love Jugs. Place your order today!

    For more information, please contact us at: 346-800-7946 or email us at info@buylovejugs.com or visit the web site: www.buylovejugs.com

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    1. Randallbob's Avatar
      Randallbob -
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      It’s been about two months since I installed my Love-Jugs on my 2013 Tri-Glide 103cc V-Twin. G
      reat product!

      As you all know that big V-Twin on the Trike is well hidden behind the lower fairings and over-heating anytime the machine isn’t rolling and getting airflow is a real problem…at least it was for me.

      The new 103 runs much, much hotter than my old 1997 96ci HD EVO engine did.
      Anytime I was in stop and go traffic wasn't long before the oil pressure dropped off (boiling oil?) and the engine went to one cylinder survival mode.

      On top of that, I belong to a group of motorcycle riding local Shriners (various makes of bikes – both air cooled and liquid cooled models) with whom I ride in several “parades” every year.

      These parades require about 30-45 minutes street maneuvers …circles, figure 8’s, in-out weaves, double file line-up sets…most of which are done at slow speeds….no air flow to the cylinders.

      Parades also entail a lot of stop and go so (especially) in the hot summer months, my new trike took a pretty good beating from overheating whenever I participated in parades last year….it was getting so bad that I had even considered not using it any parades in hot weather this year.

      Your product changed all that.

      I’ve participated in three summertime “hot weather” parades this year and the Love-Jugs have kept my engine cool enough that it has not once hit survival mode during a parade…or for that matter not in any stop and go city traffic either!! AMAZING!

      Now, I only turn them off when I’m on the highway…easy, quiet and convenient.
    1. FLTR2008TRIKE's Avatar
      FLTR2008TRIKE -
      +1 They do help managing heat to keep your engine from overheating. Got them installed on my trike with a 124" engine. Engine oil temps have not gotten over 260 on a 95+ degree humid day in traffic
    1. Jack Klarich's Avatar
      Jack Klarich -
      I am a believer since putting the Mighty Mites on my 17 Freewheeler

      I have so far and NOT scientific testing lowered my ET temp by at least 50 degrees

      I am still testing, and am hopeful I wil continue to see a drop

      Thank you for a Great product that works and looks good on any bike
    1. Thresa Williams's Avatar
      Thresa Williams -
      I have love jugs. My bike is a 2013 triglide. The heat was just coming off the right side and now both sides. I keep them on anytime my bikes running.
    1. Bones39's Avatar
      Bones39 -
      Do the Love Jugs blow the heat onto your right leg more?
    1. Jack Klarich's Avatar
      Jack Klarich -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bones39 View Post
      Do the Love Jugs blow the heat onto your right leg more?
      The only time I notice it is at a stop light, but even then it is not that bad
    1. FuzzyWuzHe's Avatar
      FuzzyWuzHe -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bones39 View Post
      Do the Love Jugs blow the heat onto your right leg more?
      I waited a long time before buying my luv jugs, I felt the same thing. The fans will blow the warm air on my right leg and that seems to be where the heat hangs out anyway. I was very glad to be wrong. I also felt like the fan noise would be too much for me to take (my Tri is as quiet as I can get it). I'd heard the fans on bikes that weren't running and to me they sounded like a jet ready to take off. When on the trike and it's running, I can't hear them.

      In a bang for buck category of items doing the most to cool the beast, the Luv Jugs are right up there. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to extend the longevity of their trike.
    1. Dwdavis's Avatar
      Dwdavis -
      I'm new to trike ownership (got mine back in April this year) and a set of Mighty Mites is next on my list after monitoring the temperatures this thing can get up to just riding to and from work... I've seen 292 degree engine temp and the head temp is usually about 3 or 4 degrees hotter. This is after doing the tank lift and removing the left side mid frame heat deflector. My next move after the fans will be the oil cooler and remote filter since temps over here can easily exceed 3 digits in the afternoon and I do tend to ride aggressively most the time (love that throttle) I decided to focus more on keeping things cool before going up to stage 2.

      I'm glad I was able to see a set of these installed too because I was also concerned about how they could take away from the looks of the engine but these look like they belong there which is another plus.