• The Ultimate Trailer Introduces New Trailer

    Introduces new OHT4XX model
    for Polaris Slingshot and other Large Trikes

    The new Polaris Slingshot is the latest entry into the relatively new style of trikes, pioneered by the Can Am & Campagna a number of years ago. This new vehicle, while similar to the Spyder takes a different design approach in that the two passengers sit side by side, similar to a sports car. It also incorporates some other design features that set it apart from other three wheeled trikes in that it is more like a three wheeled sports car. The Campagna Motors also offers two similar large trikes manufactured in Canada.

    These are all exciting vehicles each offering the buyer some super choices. Our goal has been to innovate new trailer designs to be able to carry many new and exciting three and four wheeled vehicles entering the market and the exciting new Polaris Slingshot is a machine we are focused on. We been building hundreds of these trailers to haul all of the three wheeled vehicles shown below for several years now, they all share some things in common but each offer many unique design features and performance characteristics

    The Ultimate Trailers
    What makes our unique and proprietary trailer designs drastically different than anything else on the market is our air lowering and air ride suspension. All of the above vehicles share some things in common, they are wider, heaver, longer, have parts that stick out further in front, side or back and they all have a very low ground clearance to improve their handling.

    We realize that our trailers have many benefits, not seen on any other trailers, which are perfectly suited to carry these types of vehicles. We have built many hundreds of trailer to serve these three wheeled vehicles over the past several years as owners are seeing the huge benefits that our trailers bring to their trailering experience.
    1. Air Lowering – Easy one person ride on loading – No Ramps required
    2. Air Ride Suspension – Easy bounce free pulling – Automatically adjusts suspension to the load
    3. Super Light Weight Design – Can be pulled by small tow vehicle – Super fuel mileage
    4. Super Aerodynamic Design – Contributes to super fuel mileage
    5. Protection-Protection – Protection – Aero Rock Shield, full steel deck, fully enclosed fenders.
    6. Accessories/Options – Full Tie Down Packages, Rear View Cameras, Color Matched Painting, Custom Graphic Designs, On Board Battery Charging Systems, the list goes on and on – reference our product line literature.

    New Product Introduction!!!
    So now we are introducing an exciting new model of our open hauling trailers, the OHT4XX, designed to carry the Slingshot and other larger vehicles than our current trailer model lineup can carry. We have the design of this new model trailer completed and are currently building the first new pre-production units. The Slingshot is 77.7” wide and 150” long and weighs approximately 1,700#, the widest, longest and heaviest of these new trikes. Our new model OHT4XX will have a deck which is 80” wide to accommodate this wider vehicle and the deck will be 150” long. The chassis configuration is designed such that the center of gravity of a Slingshot and other similar vehicles will provide the perfect tongue weight balance required for super trailer pulling, like all of our other trailers. The first pre-production trailers of this new design will be completed and tested by the end of October and we will go into production of this new model trailer at that time, taking orders on a first come first serve basis.

    Please feel free to give me a call if you are interested in one of these new model trailers as we have completed our manufacturing cost analysis of this new model wider and longer trailer. We can now send you product pricing and options available on the OHT4XX and can add your name to our rapidly growing customer & dealer list.

    We are excited about this new model trailer as it also moves us into hauling other small cars, race cars and other hauling markets with this new wider and longer trailer design. While this new model trailer isn’t on our web site yet, I encourage you to go on our web site listed below and view all the exciting videos, photo gallery and customer testimonials, plus make sure you complete a Customer Information form and email it to us so that we can send you more detailed information and pricing about this exciting new product.

    Jim - 720-556-5523
    P. S. We have been building our model OHT3X for some time now, carrying Smart Cars, Sports Cars, Race Cars, Hot Rods and even T-Bucket Roadsters. This new model OHT4XX trailer will allow us to carry many larger vehicles. In addition to this we have started on the design of an Enclosed Hauling model the EHT4XX which will also be able to carry the Slingshot and other wider and longer trikes and even small cars. This development project is quite a bit more complex and will follow the introduction of our new OHT4XX. The EHT4XX will be in production right after the first of the year. While we also have its design now completed, however it will require extensive new fiberglass mold design and development work prior to going into production.
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      tbear -
      Super trailer with a good price!
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      There was/is another 2F/1R trike that has been around since about 1994, ...the Grinnall Scorpion 111
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      This is a CAR!!