• Hannigan Introduces Honda F6B Final Version

    Earlier we released pictures of Hannigan's stunning new Honda F6B trike conversion and noted that it was the prototype and that a final, slightly tweeked version would be forthcoming. Well the final version has been released for orders and is on display this week at Wingding in Huntsville. For more information call John-Michael at Hannigan Motorsports (270)753-4256.

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    1. FuzzyWuzHe's Avatar
      FuzzyWuzHe -
      Another winner .... thats a sweet ride.
    1. Gorilla's Avatar
      Gorilla -
      you guys are making me re-consider a Honda again... well almost
    1. ParrotHD's Avatar
      ParrotHD -
      Hey John Lee....

      Will that spoiler fit a Transformer?
    1. Thor's Avatar
      Thor -
      Wow...pretty badass
    1. DblTrbl's Avatar
      DblTrbl -
      If I didn't have my Venture/Hannigan ........... Just saying!!!
    1. robinsondd's Avatar
      robinsondd -
      That is beautiful! Dang... Could appeal to a younger crowd too.
    1. Rollin Thunder's Avatar
      Rollin Thunder -
      That is very nice !