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    F4 Customs has windshields for most makes and models of motorcycles and if you haven't heard of us here is a video that will explain why our shield is different.
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    1. Fearless's Avatar
      Fearless -
      video does not play imagine that
    1. F4 Customs's Avatar
      F4 Customs -
      Just checked it out and it played well. here is the link again
    1. Papa Zook's Avatar
      Papa Zook -
      It works for me...anyone else?
    1. Catfish's Avatar
      Catfish -
      Worked and still works for me.
    1. gwnut's Avatar
      gwnut -
      Yep, works very well!!!!! Think I'll buy one as well!!
    1. F4 Customs's Avatar
      F4 Customs -
      Thanks for the comment. Give us a call and we will get one coming your way.
    1. top cat's Avatar
      top cat -
      I got mine about five years ago , on my gl1500a gold wig. its started to have hair lines all over the windshield.
    1. ffmedic3444's Avatar
      ffmedic3444 -
      I need one for a 2001 yamaha royal star venture. It appears to be an awesome product can't wait to order mine.
    1. F4 Customs's Avatar
      F4 Customs -
      We have these available in various sizes in both clear and tint and with and with out vent.

      Give us a call when your ready at 330-968-4644

    1. Trike Mid Step's Avatar
      Trike Mid Step -
      Very Nice Windshields. Thanks for the awesome video. Tom
    1. danbgt's Avatar
      danbgt -
      Just got back from a trip to Alaska. Started with an almost new F4+4 on our GL1800 trike. Just under 10,000 miles. The windshield looks like it has 100,000 miles on it. Numerous nicks, scratches and chips. I was hoping it would fare better. It looks worse than the Tulsa Tall that I had on the trike and it does have 100,000 miles on it.
    1. F4 Customs's Avatar
      F4 Customs -
      Hope you can give us a call to discuss your issue.


    1. F4 Customs's Avatar
      F4 Customs -
      This is very unusual for a F4 Customs windshield. I would like to discuss this further with you personally and would ask that you reach out to us at 330-968-4644 and ask for Don.


      Don Frank


      F4 Custom Inc