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  • 15" Wheel Upgrade Only $139

    All of the 15" rim and tire sets are only $139.00 when you upgrade with a new kit purchase! Again, that's $139.00 for two rims and tires!

    Check out our wheel options on our Accessories Page!

    For Information Call Austin at (815) 434-7900

    The Voyager...

    • is the #1 selling convertible trike in the world,[/FONT]
    • has the strongest built frame,[/FONT]
    • has the only frame to be stress tested by a independent engineering firm,[/FONT]
    • has the largest dealership network,[/FONT]
    • is the original convertible trike kit,[/FONT]
    • is the kit riders choose when the lesser kits aren't cutting it.[/FONT]

    17 Proud Years of Dependable American Business Traditions