• Medical Costs for Tony Sparacino


    Tony Sparacino and his wife Peggy have been a huge part of California Sidecar throughout the years. To know California Sidecar is to know The Sparacino’s. Together they owned and operated Trikes by Tony in Inverness Florida for many years and were California Sidecar's #1 dealer. Throughout their trike selling days they installed over 1,600 CSC trike kits.

    In 2006 they sold the Trikes by Tony shop and together made the decision to retire early and in 2007 Tony and Peggy began their next adventure. Together they began working for CSC. Tony driving the California Sidecar rig and with Peggy at his side they have been attending the rallies and shows representing California Sidecar ever since. Doing not only what they love but what they do best, engaging with the public and sharing their experiences and stories.

    It is with great sadness that we have recently learned that Tony is losing his battle to cancer. Over the past couple of years he has fought relentlessly against this horrible disease but unfortunately it has taken its toll. To anyone that has had to endure cancer personally or has had to watch a loved one succumb to such a horrible disease knows all too familiar how the medical expenses can be catastrophic and overwhelming. Tony has tried several experimental drugs and unfortunately insurance will only cover part of the cost.

    California Sidecar will match all monies raised with this campaign. Thank you for your time.
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      California Sidecar -
      Here at California Sidecar, a big part of the designing and engineering process is to prove that both ends of the machine can hold up to each other. This process includes real life on the road testing and laboratory testing.

      The CSC test riders put over 20,000+ miles on the machine during this process to ensure that you, the customer has no issues.

      Tommy Tabor has tested several CSC trikes throughout the years. That's correct; His job here is to RIDE! Not a position he is willing to give up any time soon!

      #trikingitout #californiasidecar #2018GL1800 #CSCEncoreTrike

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      JohnnyB -
      Very very nice
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      nucseal -
      Great lines on the new kit! Something that will give me great thought in my purchase next year. On the downside, I would not use the pic with Tommy Tabor riding the CSC trike, since the trike is missing its side cover. May not be good for business.

      Otherwise, definitely you have a winner.

    1. rick1201's Avatar
      rick1201 -
      Awesome, Cant wait to see you guys at Delmarva Bike Week, Ocean City Md. I think this is the year I trike my 16 Roadglide.

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      gospicker -
      Very Cool! BTW....how do I get a job like Tommy???
    1. FuzzyWuzHe's Avatar
      FuzzyWuzHe -
      Sweeeeeeet ... really nice. Seems maybe a little wider than others? More stable? Either way ... it's a winner.

      I like that the rear rims look a little more like the stock Wing front rim.
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      Jack Klarich -
      Very Streamlined looking

      Is this the 7 speed automatic we are looking at?
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      graygoat -
    1. mhgoldwing's Avatar
      mhgoldwing -
      Beautiful lines and you matched the new Wing perfectly. Can't wait to see the running boards added.
    1. Lee H. Mann's Avatar
      Lee H. Mann -
      Kinda prejudiced myself but I think they have hit this out of the park !!!!

      Looks beautiful !!!!
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      Ezjerry -
      Very nice.
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      LadyonaMission -
      Very nice trike. I have yet to see a CSC trike that I didn't like so I am looking forward to seeing the Encore.

      Great job.
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      56Elwood -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jack Klarich View Post
      Very Streamlined looking

      Is this the 7 speed automatic we are looking at?
      Looks like the red Tour has the 6 speed but the one with the rider there's no clutch lever so I'm assuming that's the DCT version
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      Gorilla -
      VERY VERY NICE conversion. Along with the new Wing it's going to be one heck of a NICE TRIKE. Can not wait to test ride one.
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      mythplaced -
      NICE! Looks much sportier than most "wings".

      Personally, I don't care for the Grampa's Barc-O-Lounger look of most wing trikes.

      What's under the glass is just as important as body style though.
    1. G.W. Viper's Avatar
      G.W. Viper -
      I like it a lot guys. Job well done ! Also love the color......
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      MDO -
      Very nice looking! I like the look.
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      txlander -
      That is a lot of machine and very futuristic looking.
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      TexasGuy -
      Very nice, much cleaner lines than the old CSC kits. would like to see the back, though.
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      oolddog -
      Like it!! Makes me consider trading/selling my 2013 ROADSMITH HSC. Wonder what they have done about raking the front end. From the PIC it didn't look raked.