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Thread: Handicap Question

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    Default Re: Handicap Question

    Before I was given the Permanent Disability status I had just the standard hang in the window. So to avoid loosing it to theft etc I made a copy that was then covered in plastic coating. Written on the copy big and bold was "Original locked in trunk". The copy hung from my fairing. Had zero problems with that set up.

    Now I have the plate. Use the card in Vehicles.
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    Default Re: Handicap Question

    The problem we have here is the the the act of making a copy of the badge is a criminal offence. The badge has double holograms to prevent copying.

    I think it's because there is a difference in parking arrangements here, much less off street parking. On street parking is expensive and heavily policed, disabled badge holders get reduced and often free parking. The badge also allows holders free access to the central London charge zone free of charge. This means he badges have a significant financial value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmrc51 View Post
    Virginia has handicap MC plates. I'd be surprised if all states didn't offer them.
    Colorado has handicap plates for trikes I just got one

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    I have a Harley trike. I took my placard and had it laminated. I took and cut around the card leaving a tab that I put a hole through. Unscrewed the center screw of my windshield, placed it behind the windshield, between the faring and the windshield, replaced the screw. Have had one on there for 9 years, never had it come up missing yet. Good luck.

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    I was going to get a handicap plate for the bike ,but here in Missouri they want you to give up one of your placards to get a plate. No matter for a bike or car, you can only have 2. With all the cars we have i need more placards not fewer.

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