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Thread: tow pac insta trike

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    Default Tow Pac Kit

    I have one on my Yamaha Venture. It works great. It works best with the smaller front tire.

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    Default Insta Trike Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by mhammer View Post
    have any of you have any experiance with this kit and if so what do you think of it? pros and cons
    Just had this kit installed on my Yamaha Vstar 650 and have had nothing but problems with it. The shop that installed it here locally said "good luck, wouldn't put this piece of **** on any other bikes, period!"...Fenders have been shimmed for rubbing and vibration on tires. Shakes violently driving slowly with any type of "non level" roads and forget any type of loose gravel. I may have to pay to have it uninstalled now and go back to my 2 wheels up again. After handling this I will be happy with the other version now. I did see the installed down in Phoenix, 100 miles from me took his fenders off completely! Haha....Just running tires on his Victory...Funny! Only had this kit 2 weeks....Totally wasted my money. I think....

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    Do you have any photos Sara??? What size tires are on your kit???


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