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Thread: Aquapel, & honda windshield

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    Default Aquapel, & honda windshield

    At last years Wing-Ding a vendor was selling Aquapel as an alternative to Rain-x (which we cannot use) on 1800 windshields.
    Rain Repellent Glass Treatment - Aquapel Glass Treatment

    I bought one of his bottles, and applied it to my face shield, and because I'm a coward I got a scrap windshield, and put it o there also.
    That windshield has been sitting outside "in the elements" since wing-ding 08, with no damage, or yellowing/cracking that was apparent with Rain-x products.
    I called Aquapel today and asked them about the ramifications of using AQ on polycarbonate.
    They gave me this response...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquapel
    "There is no harm in using aquapel on a motorcycle windshield...
    that ONLY difference is that Aquaple is formulated for Glass, and the treatment just WILL NOT LAST AS LONG.
    Other than that it will NOT harm plastic."
    The engineer I talked to is inthe process of sending me a letter stating as such.
    This was verified by my "test" shield, and face shield, that have had NO damage since I applied it in 08.
    I am going to get another treatment and give it a shot...
    Just thought you all should know...
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    Default Re: Aquapel, & honda windshield

    I use Plexus on the windshield and the trike... no problems at all.

    Steve & Cathy
    U.S. Coast Guard (retired)

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