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Thread: What do you like about your Roadsmith Trike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadsmith Trikes View Post
    rmrc51, now that IS funny! Sorry you won't be able to join us up north, but hopefully we'll see you at a rally or event somewhere else soon!
    I was very disappointed, that you were NOT AT AMERICADE last year.................I wanted to shake your hand(s) and thank each and every one of you

    2010 Honda Goldwing/converted last season, too a Roadsmith...........Best move ever (cause at 70 yrs old) I can still ride....Thank you! Roadsmith!


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    Default 2007 GL1800 HPNA / 2018 Road Smith HTS

    New to the trike side of motorcycles. Bought my 2007 GL1800 HPNA already triked from a dealer in Alabama on July 5th 2019.

    I did a lot of research before taking that leap of faith. (of course it may have something to do with the boss)

    A couple of the big selling points are as follows; Rider satisfaction from other Road Smith owners, readily available replacement parts from Automotive stores.

    Fact is everyone I spoke to that have Road Smiths, had no major deal stoppers to bitch about! I got a parts list of everything that is in my trike kit in case of emergency repair or ordering through warranty.

    Fact is I can work on it if it does break a component and not have to wait for specific mfg component to be shipped to me or the repair shop.

    The first ride. Test drive outside of Altoona Al. was enlightening. Better half on back and the way we went. The roughest paved road in Alabama was just around the corner. Wife was in heaven as the trike took the washboards, cracks and dodging potholes in stride. Rest is history.

    Got (Shela) back to the house in North East Pa. and started the long upgrade phase. Started with the blingy things, rotor covers, air intake covers, shark gills, knock off Airhawk seat covers, Dash Cam w/front and rear cameras along with loop recording and security recording. Oh forgot the tail and trunk lights upgrades to full LED. Have some RED LED Tunnel lights to put on her big butt.

    I been caught in the rain and trike handling was outstanding. Two up no change detectable. Finishing up trailer wiring conversion and will test pull cargo trailer when the weather breaks.

    So enough said. I'm a Happy Triker!


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    Purchased my used Roadsmith because of reputation and customers satisfaction. When I went looking for a use trike it had to be a Roadsmith kit. I traded in a used VTX competitors trike for this one. Roadsmith tells you exactly what parts are in the kit and where to buy them. The competitors sad everything they used was PORIOTERY. You had to order everything from them. I have had 3 phone conversations is as many weeks with Roadsmith and am very satisfied. 2003 Goldwing Triked in 2004. 88th one built that year according the the ID sticker on the kit frame.
    Ridin' three and free. Ain't never goin' back
    2003 1800 Gold Wing Trike w/Roadsmith kit. Northeast Region Trike Riders on F B.

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