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Thread: What do you like about your DFT Trike?

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    My first trike was a DFT kit installed on a Harley Sportster. I really enjoyed that trike.

    It was at the very beginng of the Trike kits. I think is a well made with the parts are machined perfectly.
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    Default 2007 dft trike

    new to triken , have a 1800 2007 dft trike ,first trike after 33 years on 2 wheels. did not think i would like it , love it. looked at different types went with dft irs . simple kit that is bolt on ,not cutting and welding. got it used had to do a little work to it { tires,fork seals, have to put tripple trees yet .}

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    Can't WAIT to get home next month and pick mine up!

    They dont get much better (for me anyway) than a late model GL1500 (98SE)

    now the DFT kit, from what others are saying I think I'm gonna be happy I lucked onto it

    Will report back with my thoughts after I get it and have logged a few miles on it

    Picture below, looks as good or better than the HDs there...LOL


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenih View Post
    I've been riding trikes for 30 years and DFT conversions since '93; I'm currently on my third DFT trike. My current ride is a '12 Harley Ultra Classic with a Smoothie conversion; in two seasons I've put 22,000 trouble free miles on her. Everyone comments on her pretty lines (and then stuffs their excess cargo in her generous trunk)! The DFTs handle beautifully and ride smoothly; they've been sound mechanically. My husband was able to complete a rear brake job himself. Can't say enough good stuff about them!!!
    Can I ask about the rear brake pads replaced on how to do it

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    Default 1998 FXD DFT - so far it's awesome!

    I bought my 98 Dyna last September. After a bad wreck in July caused me to have my hip replaced I decided it was time for the trike or a side hack. Glad I found this trike. I put a raked set of trees on it because i didn't like how the front end felt. Highly recommended. Other than that, so far, no problems. It took a bit of adjustment mentally to adjust to the differences between riding the trike and a 2 wheeler. Seemed like I was fighting through curves. Did some reading and asked some questions and now I'm jamming through curves almost as fast as I would before.

    I've only been able to put about 500 miles on so far, but I'm really looking forward to my trips this summer, beginning with Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day weekend.

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    Bought our 2006 GL1800 Goldwing DFT in January 2008 with barely 10,000 miles in the clock. Just turned over 128,000 this week. “The Beast”, as we loving call her, has been ridden from our home in Texas to all 49 states that have roads to them and nearly all of the Canadian Provinces. Only issue was a blown wheel bearing at 102,000 miles. I don’t call that a problem!😬

    We are getting ready to get a newer trike and it will be another DFT!
    2006 Black GL1800/DFT Trike
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