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Thread: What did you do to Your Tri-Glide Today?

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    After my test ride with the little buddy ... I decided to take a ride to Montrose for some Long John Silver's fish ... Yummy

    On the way there, I stopped at the Escallante Canyon cutoff. Grabbed a pic with the sign. If you look real close between the clouds and the hills, you can see snow covered mountains ... they are like 11-12k up.

    2019-06-19 11.01.56.jpg

    This picture reminded me of west Texas ... sort of.

    2019-06-19 11.02.20.jpg

    Well ... Until you turn around and look at the 11k Mesa in the distance ... LOL. Doesn't seem that high here ... but I'm at 5200 feet

    2019-06-19 12.21.57.jpg

    Had lunch and headed back. Since I had the little phone with the neck lanyard, I took a pic of the PV.

    2019-06-19 12.50.21.jpg

    I had filled up in Montrose ... maybe 25 miles back.

    Last Pic ... on my cul-de-sac heading to my house ... If you look between my gararagew and the neighbor's, just over his RV, you can see the 11k Mesa (tallest flat top mesa in the world ... or so the tell me).


    Next week, I'm meeting a member from here at Breckenridge, Co. for the HOG rally ... be going over 12k mountains (Vail pass) and spending the night at Frisco which is at 9k gonna be some chilly nights and mornings ... the high is supposed to get to 68*
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    Fuzzy, what is this and what's it connected to ?

    2019-06-19 12.50.21.jpg
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    Installed Tour Pak Rear Tail Light Trim. Before.

    rsz_img_0521.jpg After.
    2019 Tri-Glide Twisted Cherry

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    Sully says:
    Fuzzy, what is this and what's it connected to ? That screen is his Power Vision tuner. It connects to the ECM diagnostic port. On my 17 Tri the port is under the left side cover.

    You can display 6 inputs to the ECM.

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