Amazing what they've done with MM, my Dad was diagnosed in September 1963. Was told then that 5 out of a 1,000 would develope it, and of those, only 2 would survive 3 years. Dad passed in 1969, in September. My Sister has "just" Myeloma but is in her 5th year remission. I'm coming up on 5 years clear since my auto stem cell transplant after a CNS relapse for NH-DLBCL.

I hope you too stay in remission, even cured now.

Have you ever just tried a non drowsy Claritin, once a day? It sure helped me with "bone pain" after neutropenia shots. It's an anti-histomine is all, deadens pain of active bone marrow producing blood cells without hindering it ... I was told by a RN going through the journey. Check with your Drs though.