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Thread: Have you had experiences with APEX ATV, California Custom Trikes

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    Is this the same company as California Sidecar Trikes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldo View Post
    Is this the same company as California Sidecar Trikes?

    Not quite sure, but if I had to guess, I would assume so.

    However, don't quote me on that.

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    Default My 2 cents

    Quote Originally Posted by jlberkey View Post
    Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with Apex ATV that makes California Custom Trikes?

    They are located in Chandler AZ, a suburb of Phoenix.

    I am testing the waters before I post my experiences with these people.

    If anyone has ever talked or exchanged email with them, I sure would like to know.

    Meanwhile, I'll just sit back and see if anyone reads this post.

    Good weather is coming.....................get those trikes running.
    I have one of those trikes. I thought it looked like a good deal at the time (my brother in law had it and needed money). After owning it for a couple of years I'm not impressed with their construction. The fenders were mounted to the wheels which made them start to crack and broke three of the mounting brackets so I moved them to attach to the frame. Should have been simple but wasn't because nothing on the trike is straight and true. I had to rework my mounting brackets several times to compensate for the side to side differences. Whoever built those frames needs to be fired. Some of the workmanship is okay and I do like the trike but be prepared to do some modifications unless they have already been done.

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