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Thread: Drive shaft

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    Default Drive shaft

    Does any one know the right procedure to alin the drive shaft on a Goldwing when reinstalling it Thanks Rich

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    Default Re: Drive shaft

    Just FWIW's a link to a message board thread with pictures regarding u-joints/driveshaft alignment on a MT.

    Dropped U Joint - GL1800Riders

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    Default Re: Drive shaft

    Imagine two "C"s back to back, that's how the driveshaft should look assembled. Say the yoke halk on the engine output is horizontal, the first driveshaft yoke verticle, then the second or rear drive shaft yoke verticle, and the rear axle yoke horizontal.

    Using keys here, it would look like this ...

    Motor-- >---drive-shaft---< --rearaxle or differential

    Hope it helps.

    It's becayuse U joints are not constant velocity joints, the driven half or yoke's speed is the same average speed as the driving yoke's, but the driven yoke's speed fluctuates slightly, speeding up and slowing twice each revolution if there is any angularity involved.

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