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Thread: Speedometer / odometer inaccurate

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    Default Speedometer / odometer inaccurate

    I purchased a 2015 GL1800 with a Roadsmith conversion from Honda of Russellville in June of this year. On my initial lengthy trip to Colorado in July, I noticed the speedometer and odometer is off about 10%. Is this typical of the tires used on Roadsmith conversions, and can this be corrected with a calibration, or do I need to add some device to correct the problem? Also, since I live in the Houston, TX area, is there a Roadsmith dealer or representative in the area? Thanks

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    Just learn to adjust to it and move on. All Jap bikes are 7-10% from the factory. There are fixes but not worth the $$$ in my opinion. Spend it on a cool mod. Don't know what the problem is Guess it is the translation, I don't know.
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    Hi Roger,

    Your speedo issue has nothing to do with the size of the Roadsmith wheels. All bikes are a little bit off, usually on the high side (per DOT regulations for cars and other licensed vehicles.)

    The GL1800 speedo is electronic and is driven by a pulse sensor. I have a 2012 GL1800 Roadsmith and the speedo is spot on with the GPS. My last trike was a BMW Hannigan and the speedo was 10% high across the board.

    If it really bothers you, there are devices on the market that will let you correct the speedo problem. One of many that looks interesting is the SpeedoHealer. Most of these will only set you back about $100 or so.

    Also look at Dakota Digital here, and a quick search will turn up several others.

    Me, personally, I've never let it bother me. Once I know how far off the speedo is I adjust my speed accordingly.

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    There is an error of about 5mph to the high side on our GL1800 with a Champion kit. Usually I just accept that when I see 65mph I'm actually at 60. No problem except if I am trying to get the MPG-that 5mph plays havoc with the math. If I am trying to find the mileage, or on longer trips, I attach the Garmin GPS and get spot-on readings from the satellites.
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