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    We got a 1995 GL1500 in 2004 that had factory fender bras. They were vinyl, looked padded and embossed by apparently pressing them between heated plates, leaving an image on both sides. The paint underneath looked good, but I could tell the surface was rubbed because where the back of the bra didn't make contact the words "Motor Trike" were were slightly more shiny than the paint around them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronson512 View Post
    Thanks for the picture, looks Great! No more worries about chips every time you take a ride. I also see you had front cover done. I had never thought about that part? The picture has sort of a glitter appearance I'm presuming that's flash? Or is that something added to the mix? Again thanks for the picture that truly is worth a 1,000 words!!!
    This was my trike that I had Line-X, the picture does seem to show a glitter look but that isn't the case, just the picture. It was color-matched paint and shot with the Line-X and will take a beating and wipe clean. I did have the front dam done too, it was some of the best money spent. No more chips, durable as ever and cleaned with warm soapy water, never even had to wax it either.
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