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Thread: Need VW type3 DP 1600 heads

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    Default Really really enjoying this thing!!!!

    Hi Trikers!!! Just posting a little update on my Trike. Well "The Piggy/Bug" now has a Super Stud on both sides as once I got it running and started driving it around at about 125 miles I had the impression I should re check the valve clearance as I was starting to hear more valve ticking sound on the side where the first SS had been installed. Of course I found it was loose;( and had a heck of a time getting it back tightened up to the proper torque however did succeed. Then on the driver side another stud would not tighten thus had to go hunt down another SS. This one was REALLY hard to get in there, having to use a breaker bar and all my strength to get it in there... Of course I found I had put a spark plug in crooked thanks to those dang tin's but was able to repair the thread with a thread chaser I bought at Auto Zone. My Solex carbs were acting up and even though I had attempted to rebuild them with really lousy documentation the pass side was not injecting gas when the throttle was applied so I found a CL add for some empi type 3 carbs and I went and bought them, even saw the guy remove them from a type 3 motor in his sand buggy. I swapped them in however they were way to tall to fit under my engine cover and started to research if I really had the type 3 kit and of course you know it was really a type 1 kit;( Argh... Will need to re sell them... They are brand new!!! I don't think the prior owner ever ran them and so I did fire it up and man it sounded really good!!! In the process of my research I spoke with Gary at CIP1 I think it's called. He was a type 3 and solex guru and told me about the Injection tube in my solex carbs, so back I want to the solex's and I could not pull that tube out no matter how I tried so I took it to a carb rebuilder and even they could not get it out without fear of breaking it;( So now being a little more edumacated I went back home and using a hammer and a really small chisel I was able to get the tube out Then I could not get it to clear on the nozzle end and using a very small pin and holding it with needle nose pliers I managed to break off the pin in the nozzle;((((((((((((((((( I remember the tech at the carb rebuilder saying you can probably find a new injector tube online so I looked and sure enough there were some but they did not look quite the same and I'd have to wait a week for it so I decided to try and drill mine out which I thought was really amazing considering how small it is and that little hole where the pin broke off was not in the center of the tube. After clearing it I re installed and though it does not run perfect it's running VERY well now and I even drove it up one of the steepest local hills in my area yesterday!!! It was a blast!!! It now has 217 miles on the odometer and the next thing I need to find is a seat that will accommodate a driver back rest After I repaint the HD batwing fairing I installed I'll post a new picture. Thanks again for all the very useful tips you've provided I now feel very committed to this thing and just having a ball with it)))))))))))))))

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    I gotta say ... I love the positive attitude you have ... I laughed my b$tt off watching your videos, clearly you are having lots of fun doing this work. And I'm having a ball watching your progress. Good luck with the rest and keep posting your progress.

    You VW guys have all the fun ...
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