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Thread: Trike body Identification

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    Default Fuel tanks

    There are many fuel cells for racing $150 or less. I’m sure you can find a size to fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpanystrom61 View Post
    Reading this, I guess what I did just made my body one of a kind. The idea I have is to put the gas tank down between my legs up inside the bottom of the fiberglass body.
    Start you own thread and post up your mods.

    We really like to see pics and details.

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    Default did it

    Quote Originally Posted by 1dn5up View Post
    There are many fuel cells for racing $150 or less. I’m sure you can find a size to fit.
    Yes, this is true, but not what I wanted, but it is what I had to do if I wanted to run around and road test the trike more. Will start a thread about the trike, fuel tank, drawings, moc up, and hopefully I will get help and input about how off I am.

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