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Thread: Bleeding disc brakes

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    I use a vacuum type bleeder. There are many to choose from but since I don't do it very often I just got a rather cheap one like this. It gets the job done but even it can have trouble getting some air bubbles that can get trapped. In those cases I reverse everything a push new fluid up from the bleeder valve. When going that direction you have to be very careful with the fluid in the reservoir. You may also have to tap the lines at junctions where bubbles can get trapped. Take your time. Another set of eyes can be helpful watching that reservoir too. Just get a baster and suck it empty before you start pushing fluid if that's what you choose to do but watch that reservoir closely. It fills rather quickly. And put a bunch of rags around it to keep any escaping fluid from touching any painted surfaces.

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    I put a wrap of Teflon tape around the threads of the bleeder screws to seal out air. Then I use a large syringe with a clear plastic hose attached to push or pull fluid from either end of the lines. The syringe also catches fluid, allowing me to return it to the m/c and save a lot that would otherwise be making a mess on the floor. I can bleed a system losing only a teaspoon or so of fluid. Finally, whenever possible I unmount the calipers and hang them above the level of the m/c with bleeders topmost. I block the pads with an old pad, wait a few minutes for the bubbles to rise, and suck the air out with the syringe.

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