I looked at my brakes a little closer a little while ago. The right side rotor pads are contacting the rotor good. The pads contact the rotor from the inside all the way to the edge on the inside and out. The left side on the outside of the rotor looks good. The pad is contacting the rotor from the inside all the way to the edge.The inside pad is not contacting the rotor all the way to the edge. It lacks about 3/8" at the outer edge. On the left caliper I have a thin and a thick washer as the spacing of the caliper to the bracket. On the right side I didn't use any washers. Caliper bolted directly to bracket. I did this to center the caliper on the rotor. I may take out the thin washer on the left side to see if it will make the pads contact the rotor more. Don't know if this will do any good or not. That is what I found. Thanks again for the advice.,
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I should have done some more research before buying the kit. From what I have read it is probably junk.I have never had any rotors turned. In other words they can't turn the rotors until the run out is gone. I need to put my indicator on them and see how bad they are. I will check into it some more. Thanks for the suggestions.If I get to aggravated I'll put the drum brakes back on. Like I said I do have much better brakes except for the noise. Thanks