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Thread: 2002 Roadhawk trike body tilt.

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    Default 2002 Roadhawk trike body tilt.

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a way to make the body of the roadhawk trike tilt up for eazy access to the motor area, now I have to access it from underneath or take wheels off, I would think there was a better way. Thks.

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    Good day to everyone, I do hear that, it would be awesome to have a body that lifted up with a push of a button.

    No real help from me, never done it, but you need a double hinge point for stableness on a large body and a smaller light weight body might work with a single center hinge.

    One can make it like door hinges, or brackets and pinned bushings would do the trick.

    I do hope you the best with this project.

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    I thought I had seen this done before.

    But I can not find it now.

    No real advice other than whatever you do it will be all hand made by you.

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    Default I wush

    I have had the body off mine a dozen time in the last six months getting the engine swap done from VW engine to a water cooled GM ecotec 2.4l. I can't imagine how you could accomplish a tilt up without spending a lot of engineering time and a boat load of dollars and still have a safe stable machine. It's not that hard to pull the main body. I use and overhead electric winch and straps to be able to do it by my self. Otherwise it's a two person job.

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