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Thread: 2004 Book Trike electric problems

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    Default 2004 Book Trike electric problems

    wires.jpgThis is what I found when I pulled the tank to look at the wires, did this come from the factory this way or did the previous really screw things up ? All the pictures I have found show a panel here holding everything nice and neat ! My Trike runs good and rides nice but the only electric things that work are what is needed to get it on the road, I also see most tanks with some type of gauge but mine just has the key and flasher warning light that works, the yellow button does nothing and the little light does nothing, I have a switch down by e-brake and shifter thats not hooked up ! Any info I can get would be a great help !

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    Welcome to Trike Talk 'Tim.... That certainly looks like a Rube Goldberg affair ...

    I doubt that mess came from a factory...
    Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar.....

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    I know absolutely zero specific about a boom trike.

    Just general theory of how things work.

    At least it is not all hacked up.

    No it probably was not real neat but was orderly at a minimum.

    Probably a universal harness that covers all the options available. Will have unused plugs and such.

    Wires have no moving parts. So the wire is not the is whatever hooks on the end of the wire.

    Looks like things were unplugged and the wire pulled up to here.

    What was somebody thinking when soldering those white wires together?

    So first thing.....get a wiring diagram from boom.

    Then get a multimeter and start tracing out wires.

    Check function of the switches.

    Check bulbs and sockets.

    Check relays and such.

    Just one thing/circuit at a time. Following it out on the diagram.

    The good thing is that it is not hacked to bits (that I can see here). As a guess I would say it had a bad part, something like a relay bad and shorting out. Someone just unplugged things until the short was out of the system. Then jumped a now missing ground (white soldered). Which is a valid way to diagnose a problem, but not the way to leave it.

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    A lot of people do not mess with wiring, usually the quick fix, not the actual cause being resolved.

    It takes some time and patience, but it can be fixed.

    Rex always has a pretty solid plan of attack, it is the only way I know how to do it, other than the quick fix in a pinch type.

    Oh, welcome to Trike Talk and enjoy the site.

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