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Thread: Cable Shift System?

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    Default Cable Shift System?

    Hello, I referred a fella to my mechanic for his trike. he delivered it this morning. My mechanic called to say he got it and asked if I had seen it. He said that the trike has a cable system for the gear shift that looks like it would allow the shifter to be put any place on the scooter. Now my mechanic was with the same shop since '72 until retiring last year. As far as I can tell he is the only recommended VW mechanic in 5 parishes. He said he has never seen or heard of this type of shifting system. Has any one here had, seen, and/or heard of a cable system? Any info. would be great. I'm mechanically declined, so it would be real neat to give an expert some info. he does't have. Thanks for your time,

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    Here's some info on cable shifts. Usually used in mid-engine due buggy (trike) applications.

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    I like the pbs.

    But have not owned either style.

    Just a wanted the PBS at one time, but ended up making mechanical linkages.

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    Back when I was looking into this there was a hydrophilic shiftier that looked real good'

    I looked into that some but could never get the guy to respond to me much

    The system replaced the nose cone.
    Thank you


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