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Thread: Goldwing Vibration

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    Default Goldwing Vibration

    Quote Originally Posted by Louie996 View Post
    Hello from Alabama just joined and looking foward to all the good info

    on the site one question I have is I purchased a 98 gl1500se a few months ago

    it has a slight viberation ataround 2k to 2.5k rpm if going up a slight incline not use to

    this engine where do y'all usually shift at I normally shift at 3k rpm all belts and rollers

    are new it has a compu fire alternator fresh tuning and service purchased at 100k

    now has 107k miles runs great smooth idle anything to worry about as

    far as slight vibration

    I am going to copy your question listed above and post it in the Goldwing Tech Forum.

    Hopefully your question will get a little more exposure and response in the Goldwing Tech Forum.

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    I like to keep my 1800 no lower than 2500 rpm when riding on anything other than level ground. My absolute minimum is 2,000 rpm. Pulling a slight incline, depending on what gear you're in could cause a small vibration until the engine reaches its happy torque zone for the load on it.

    If it's just a slight vibration I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep an ear on it so that you notice if it gets worse.
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    3,000 is a good happy medium for shifting up.

    Vibration may be early signs of u-joint going south.

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