Tomg, your Carmel looks beautiful. We had a wonderful time at the Deadwood 3WR with PMAR6004. Almost everyone loved the Vanderhalls. Always a few haters in a group. We had a chance to test the Carmel and loved it. The Carmel comes in Blue and Silver. The Carmel GT comes in Red and White. has been updated to reflect final options included.

The cup holders are small. We purchased cup holder adapters on Amazon to fit a larger cup or bottles.

The capshades were at Sturgis and should be available soon.

There is a company in Florida that is going to make a trailer hitch. Paul Riccio also makes luggage racks.

Storage compartment covers have been fabricated for the Venice and the Carmel ones should follow. Ed Morgan is making these.

Carmel engine/transmission tunes are available through Bad News Racing.

The new factory is now in operation.

Enjoy your Carmel and options will come in time.

I know you don't like Facebook, but that's where most of the Vanderhall information is. Search FB for Vanderhall Performance and Accessories.

Have you noticed more attention everywhere you go? It's part of the Vanderhall experience.