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Thread: Stires Stallion Flat Back

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    Not saying I have a memory, but the generator I remember on the old 65 bug was just a straight round thing.

    This is a late 73 model case, so it might have 74 stock accessories to the enginge.

    I am not being lazy, just thought a pic might help others (and me ) figure out what a newer generator or alternator looks like.

    I do agree after looking over it a bit more, I do need to address this issue while all is open and exposed.

    Cheers to everyone and have a great day and a better weekend.

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    Default alternator

    Quote Originally Posted by grandpanystrom61 View Post
    I do agree after looking over it a bit more, I do need to address this issue while all is open and exposed.
    Yep, you have an internally regulated alternator. Here is a simple wiring diagram for the charging system:

    It looks like those connections have been there for a long time. It is probably wired correctly; that D+ connection is going somewhere. If it goes to an alternator light and then to the ACC terminal on the key switch, or a fuse that is live when the key is ON, you can mark the charging circuit off your list.

    Not really shown on that drawing is the importance of a good ground to the alternator. The easiest way to check for ground is with a test light. Clip it to the positive terminal on the battery. Probe the negative battery terminal and note the brightness of the test light. Now probe the alternator case. The light should be just as bright as it was going directly across the battery. In that case you are done with engine ground checks. If the test light does not light, you have to find the break. If the light illuminates but is dim, the ground circuit is resistive. In either case, probe the bike frame, the transmission, and the engine. A poor connection can be anywhere in the circuit, even right from the battery post. The goal is to clean, repair, or replace whatever is necessary to get a bright test light on the alternator case.

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