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Thread: Vehicle Pre-Ride Checklist

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    Default Vehicle Pre-Ride Checklist

    This is a short video from the guys at Fix My Hog. He has a 2 wheeler, but this applies to 3 wheelers also.

    It covers the basics for a pre-ride checklist. Yes, it is common sense, but it's good to hear it now & then as a reminder.
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    Thanks Michael. I was just heading to the garage to check my Trike for tomorrow’s ride when I saw your post A great reminder.
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    Your video has touched upon some excellent safety issues that are all riders responsibility.

    The TCLOCK Checklist

    TCLOCK is an acronym that helps to cover the bike from stem to stern, for a quick inspection:

    T- Tires and Wheels

    • Tires- Check tread depth, wear and air pressure
    • Wheels- See if any spokes are loose or if the rim is bent or cracked. See if it turns freely, but is not loose on the axle.

    C- Control Levers

    • Inspect levers. Verify they are not bent or broken and move easily.
    • Check cables for fraying and lubricate them.
    • Check hoses for cracks, leaks, bulges and chaffed areas
    • Make sure the throttle moves freely. Closes easily. Lube if needed.

    L- Lights & Battery

    • Check that the battery terminals are clean and tight and that the electrolyte level is correct. Plus make sure the vent tube is hooked to the vent outlet and not kinked
    • Check the turn signals and brake lights for proper operation. Make sure the lenses are not cracked or broken
    • Headlight- Check for proper operation and alignment

    O- Oil Levels

    Check engine oil level plus transmission and primary drive fluid levels

    C- Chassis

    • Steering Head-Move handlebars back and forth to check for tight spots or binding.
    • Hold the front brake and rock the bike front to back to check for any free play in the neck bearings.
    • Suspension- Check the front forks and the rear shocks for smooth travel and right air pressure (If equipped)
    • Belt- Check tension and visually inspect for any rocks or other objects stuck in it.
    • Fasteners- Check for any loose nuts or bolts and tighten if needed

    K- Kickstand

    Side stand- Check for ease of operation and spring action.

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