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Thread: wilmac trike

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    Default wilmac trike

    speedo gauge,cable and pick up gear that mounts to the front axle, does anybody out there have this set up that you are willing to part with? please let me know


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    I did like the idea of the old cable driven speedo, heck I think I have a original bug speedo that I tried to get set up, but I went to disc brake up front and lost the drive, but I could spend the money at get that drive set up for this Triumph rim.

    I went to new age stuff. I got one of those GPS satellite speedo's, a low end price one, but they make a combo tack, speed, and fuel I think, or something like that. I do hope you the best on you quest......

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    Loner had a copy of the build manual.

    As I remember it.....most will macs were sold as a kit. That would mean that the front end, fork, wheel and whatever accompanying speedo parts were provided by the individual building/assembling the trike.

    I think your best bet for repair parts for the speedo would be to first identify the front rim.

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