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Thread: help, what do I do, or can do ?

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    Default still at it.

    Almost a New Year, we sure do hope all enjoy it safely.

    Holidays have taken up some of my time, but here and there I have kept at finishing this brake stay.


    The 1500 grit paper seems to take longer than the 1000 grit, so I think I am looking at a few more days of it for sure.


    I did not get to work out the dimples all the way. I will save all the little in-perfections for another time.


    I did not clean them out a bunch so they showed up in the pictures. They may not be noticed much at all once all is finished, cleaned, and polished out.....okay that is what I hope for now at this point. My body has been letting me feel my age and lack of total shoulder joints do feel all this work, LOL

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    That looks great you have more patience than I'll ever have. I don't know if anyone would notice those marks. But of course you know they're there and we all know how that goes. We have oil and chip roads here. When they do them in spring time, they throw so many stones up I actually stop at the end of my street to empty my shoes out. They would probably add enough patina to that so you wouldn't even notice that. Keep up the fine work.

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    I will 2nd sidecarbill regarding super finishes, The 2 small blemishes would not bother me either. Now the machinist should have known to pad the jaws if the part is used where is can be seen. The other side of the coin, is, if the part gets loose in the vice when working the part, you ruin the part, and most likely wreck the tool in the spindle, now everybody gets ugly.....welcome to the machining business!

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    Not all of mine is perfect either.

    I did do pretty good with the pits.....used power tools for the rough in.

    The hand sanding part did not get fully well done on some parts. Some are shiny scratches, some are near perfect, a couple never did get fully polished at all.

    Dont worry about will all work out in the end.

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