Good morning to everyone, well apparently when you have nothing to do the finish work goes by much faster. My mind says the brake stay did not take so much work, but I am wrong as there is many hours sanding it out.

The buffer I have is one my wife bought to polish out stones, have set an adjustable speed control to it so I can get to the lower RPM for buffing. It is on a stand, but it fibrates all over the concrete, so attached it to a wood pallet. It works, but only when I can stand out in the cold, not, so only when is warm and sunny do I use it.

Okay a few pics of how the rocker's are coming along. I got the out edge work done and have been trying to work the metal, but again I see I could have went longer with the 50 grit. So I will just finish them out in hopes all is not to notice able.


The extra shine to the edge came from a jewelers cloth my wife told me to wipe it down with. It does look nice, but not a true deep down shine, so yes I will work them to that point I hope....


I can see a few spots from them being welded together for the drilling of holes, but it worked out mostly, than there is the clamp marks, well they might not be, but there deeper and the problem I keep trying to work out is what I call "pitting" little holes on the surface. I think the are created when the metal is poured .. either way I have to live with some of it, at least for now.

Enjoy the day, if you are out for a ride, ride safe and let us know how it was...