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Thread: The Right Decision

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    Default The Right Decision

    Hey all, looking for good advice.

    For a few years been thinking of trikes.

    Little History-

    Few years back bought a csc FSIII, a double sidecar, and mounted to 08 Harley Ultra, but Harley is under powered and really struggled.

    Last year bought a 88 goldwing 1500 with csc FSIII sidecar, it goes great, and Grandbabies love it, but, I Do Not like feet position.

    Since were raising 3 grandbabies, I'll keep it.

    Sold the RSV many years ago (still wife's Favorite).

    So I was thinking of either triking the Harley, or buying a used Venture already Triked.

    So, which is The Right Decision?
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    Canít help you with either brand. Only familiar with Goldwings. Do some research and buy what you like in the color you like at the price that fits you budget and ride it like you stole it.

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    Welcome to the forum. The Venture is probably the better trike but the Harley has more kit manufacturers.

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    Unfortunately James there really might not be a "Right Decision" from us the readers, as most everyone who would be contemplating this has opinions on which one they like based on their personal preferences and/or experiences with these specific brands.

    Fortunately, there are a myriad of hop up parts for Harley's if you feel yours is underpowered.

    Don't know much about Yamaha's factory power specs, but doubt there's as much available both factory and aftermarket to hop up power on Yamaha bikes. Or if they need it?

    Another thing to potentially ponder: which one will be worth more when you're done riding, in order to recoup some of your money back on the conversion investment?

    I know which one I'd be throwing my $$ at if the choice was mine.

    Good luck on your decision...
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    Thanks guys,

    It will be a tough choice. Really like my harley, and of course I could spend alot of $$$ building up the engine, then spending money on a trike kit.

    Wife and I also liked our RSV, just was top heavy to me after my hunting accident. A trike would take care of that problem.

    Already having 88 gl1500 with sidecar, I wish I could afford to keep Harley and buy RSV Trike, but something will have to give. Later-

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    I think it's necessary to decide what you are going to call your ceiling for dollars spent.

    This may well be affected by money that comes in from property that you sell. So, I'd

    submit to you: 1- sell what you are willing to sell, 2- look at your money and decide on

    the maximum that you'll spend, 3- then determine the characteristics that are most im-

    portant to you, for the new, to you, trike that you wind up with. For me: 1- safety of

    people on my trike, so: braking, steering, tire traction, 2- mechanical reliability, you can't

    enjoy a trike that's off the road due to needed mechanical attention, that includes elec-

    trical failures and everything else that can fail, and thereby require work to be done in

    order to safely ride, 3- Emotion driven "stuff", like the cool factor of H-D being in bus-

    iness since '03 continuously, the appearance of the trike to your eye, as to: what makes

    you happy to see as you are walking toward your trike for a ride, 4- resale value, to me,

    a toy purchase can't be looked at as a way to control the rate at which one loses mone-

    tary wealth. The two are almost 100% diametrically opposed to one another.

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