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Thread: Brakes Rubbing

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    Default Brakes Rubbing

    I had a problem last year with my 2005 Honda Goldwing with Monarch II kit. When I would make a right turn, I would hear a rubbing sound. I went to a place in Pitman that services trikes and last year they replaced my rotor and calipers and pads. The noise went away. A week or so ago I took the bike out and the noise was back on right turns and also in neutral when I am rolling the bike into the garage. I pulled up the handbrake a few times just to see if it was rubbing. I haven't tried the bike since then. Any ideas ?


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    Brake noise (drag) has always been an issue with the cast iron rotors and high metallic brake pads.

    Disc brakes drag .... period .... and can be noisy.

    They make some anti-squeal additive that can be applied to the pads, but it will return once the additive wears off.

    Did they check the axle bearings when they changed out the brakes ???

    I have had some customers that have not re-installed the axle spacing shim and subsequently the axle was allowed to move in and out on turns.

    I would check it by removing the wheels, removing the calipers and rotors and actually pull and push on the axle to see if there is any end play. Use enough force.

    While you are at it check for any up and down play. There should be ZERO.

    Most of the time it cannot be diagnosed without removing the rotors too.
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