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Thread: Need serious protection for rear fenders on my 1800HTS . . .

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    Default Need serious protection for rear fenders on my 1800HTS . . .

    I ride 600+ miles per week on I-95 between Fredericksburg, VA and Washington, DC. The front sides of my rear fenders look like a teenager with acne ! ! ! I need suggestions for "SERIOUS" protection for these areas exposed to road crud!

    I've been thinking about Line X, Rhino Liner or similar materials, but I doubt seriously that they can match the metallic blue paint on my HTS, or that this kind of material is available in clear.

    Seeking suggestions . . .

    Wind Therapy

    Dave Calahan

    Fredericksburg, VA

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    I have clear bra on my Tri ... but lots of folks are doing the linex ... they can match lots of paint ... at least close.
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    Default Roadsmith fender bras

    I did a search on eBay for “Roadsmith fender bras” and found what you may want to look at. Price was $160 plus shipping.

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    "Bras for trikes", They have them for the HTS. Bought them about three years ago nice fit.

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    I made my own using some really tough adhesive backed pebble grain vinyl intended for steps, like on trailers, etc. I had planned on going with Line-X at some point, but these that I made are doing the job still. No sanding paint off, etc. Doubt I'll do the Line-X now on trike now. I found stuff on Ebay, easy to cut and apply, used wallpaper roller too. Made patterns, gently used heat gun when rolling over curves too.

    Pics & details in link below.

    At one point, for a few years and good many miles, I used really dark static cling window tint, never had a rock hurt that either, but this textured vinyl is tougher. I also did the lid of our Cycle Mate trailer years earlier, still there.

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