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Thread: Shoulda bought a Roadsmith!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowavicrider View Post
    I have enjoyed the “real people” trikes replies to this thread, I learned a lot. Thanks guys!

    The rumor I heard was that RoadSmith was shut down. Is that true? If glad you have a CSC!
    They are still a sponsor on TrikeTalk. You could go to their website, get their phone number, and call to confirm whether they are shut down or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_D View Post
    Iím sorry I let myself be talked into a CSC. I rode 250 miles, most of it Mountain twisties, on Saturday. Even with the rake kit, my arms were so tired by the time I got home, that I was wondering how women are able to drive trikes. 110 miles to a tankful. (5.8 gals.) Thatís crap.
    It ain't the trikes fault, it's technique and self training, maybe even false expectations. When I rode my first trike years ago when CSC first opened shop in Va. over the mountain, I said "not for me", but then as time passed and I got to know a little more than the little I know now, I decided to take the plunge when the right deal presented itself in 2004. Trike had stock front, it was a beast at first, but I stuck with it. lots of mountain rides around here.

    I learned that what worked best for me was while the trike stayed level, I liked leaning my upper body into the turn from waist up as I pushed on outside grip and shortened up on inside grip. Then I added a 6 degree EZSteer that reduces trail, and it got way better.

    I have cruise control but I almost never use it. I like my palm rest and Vista Cruise far better, and they don't hinder my riding at all.

    A bike (not trike) has trail built into the front end, it acts like a store buggy caster with handlebars, it works well when leaning. Trikes don't lean so much, not at all. Then the trail makes for heavy steering as the momentum of the trike tries to push straight instead of following that curve you are in. More trail means more work. You have a rake so that helps, but without that kit, you'd really be groaning.

    Give it time, never expect a trike to ride as smooth as a bike, you have three wheels in three tracks, not two in line. You are gonna feel dips, superelevation of roadway changes, even new pavement in one track.

    But then, rain swept stop bars or roadway painted lines don't look so bad.

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