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Thread: Newbie and a question

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    Welcome to the forums from Middle Georgia Randy!

  2. Love Jugs
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    Welcome to Trike Talk

    A rake kit will make the steering way better

    Look here and contact Randy for more info
    Nuff Said," Were Burnin Daylight, Lets Ride"(Sober 32years)
    Current ride : 17 FREEWHEELER M8, Power Vision tuner, DK Customs Outlaw air cleaner, modified by me head breather vent with drain, Gutted stock mufflers, (RJS Originals) rear wheel discs , (RJS Originals) custom windshield lower panel, Mighty Mites Love Jugs fans by Papa Zook

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    Default Question answered looks like my questions have been answered. There is one more thing that will make a trike handle like a BIG RED. Anyone care to guess what that 1 thing is? Think about it, those “dirt and swamp” rigs had one good thing going for them, that will wreak havoc on any street machine. Give up??????


    We went ahead and bought the trike tonight, and trailered it home. I wanted to ride it around the block when we got here......I live in the country, so that was about a 15 mile ride. Before I left I checked the air pressures, and out of 3 tires, NONE registered on the gauge. I pumped the front to 40 psi, and the rears to 28, and VOILA!!! My “power steering” was there all the time!! 80 mph and no wobble or shimmy, slow speed turns are great. We cannot believe the difference!

    Also, since this is my...HER...first trike, I’m not sure that it hasn’t already been raked. Seriously, it handles as well as my buddy’s TriGlide. We’re very satisfied with it now. I did find one of the rear air bags has a hole in it, and will need replacing, and all three tires must have been put on it when it was originally triked in 07. The date codes are 05 on the front Harley Davidson Dunlop, and 07 on the rears. It’s a 2006 with 6800 miles on the clock.

    Thanks to everyone who welcomed me, and to those who shared their opinions.

    My wife LOVES HER “NEW”TRIKE!!!

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    Thanks for the update Randy! Now you two get on the road and enjoy!

    New course heading Mr. Sulu: ...2nd star to the right and straight on til morning...!!

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