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Thread: Cruise control light stays on and button doesn't work on 2005 GL1800 trike

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    Default Cruise control light stays on and button doesn't work on 2005 GL1800 trike

    June 26 2019

    My cruise control button does not work. The cruise control light on the dash stays on. What can I do ?

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    This will sound odd, but check your taillights. If they are OK, you most likely have a faulty control switch on your handlebars that will need cleaning or replacing.

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    This just happened to my friend last week on his 2001 GW......he used a good quality electronic spray cleaner with one of those red tubes to inject it into the switch.....he forced the switch in and out until it began working as designed.....he then cycled it repeatedly to further loosen it up....job done ✅

    BTW....I never turn the cruise control off

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    Common issue on Wings ... none of the switches are sealed ... in time, dust, bugs, miscellaneous other gunk will cause the switch to "stick" ... make sure whatever you use to clean them doesn't leave a residue. Use as little as possible, the cleaner will tend to remove the coating on the switch over time .. then it will stick more often .. good luck.
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